Kate Middleton defies protocol and disobeys Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton defies protocol and disobeys Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton dares to wear the trouser suit twice, a look that Queen Elizabeth forbids to court women

Kate Middleton is among the most conservative in the Royal Family, always very careful to respect protocols and dress code, but in the latest public outings the Duchess of Cambridge has challenged Queen Elizabeth and wore two suits twice in the space of a few days pants.

In fact, Lady Middleton chose this particular look both for the video shot at the Natural History Museum where she showed off a splendid black suit, signed Alexander McQueen (see the video above) and then again she wore a jacket and trousers with a seventies cut by Smythe, a brand much loved by the rebel Meghan Markle, to appear alongside Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway for the Pride of Britain Awards. Not to mention the pink M&S suit that the Duchess wore both for the visit to the London Ambulance Service last March and in an official photo of her at work during the lockdown (SEE THE PHOTOS).

Now, Kate's does not appear to be a serious transgression. After all she didn't wear anything unseemly, the two outfits are extremely elegant, refined and bon ton. But despite this, the Duchess of Cambridge has openly disobeyed one of the rules of style that Elizabeth particularly cares about. The Queen forbids women of the Royal Family to wear trousers on formal court occasions, considering the garment not female and therefore not suitable for a lady.

The Sovereign is so fond of this precept that Harry felt compelled, in the first months of his marriage, to advise against Meghan Markle wearing a tuxedo while traveling to Australia. According to rumors, this was the couple's first topic of discussion.

Well Kate has dared in two particularly formal appointments to contravene the dictates of Elisabetta who is particularly irritated if a court woman allows herself to wear trousers or rather the trouser suit, a dress deemed too masculine. In fact, the Queen does not prohibit the use of trousers for women, but requires that they be used only in certain circumstances and prefers not to be combined with men's jackets.

To tell the truth, this is not Kate's only tear on the dress code. If William's wife has agreed to lengthen her skirts, to always wear stockings, not to use sandals and bare shoulders except on galas, not to use colored nail polish, there is one thing she can't do. just to give up: his rope wedge shoes that every summer proposes

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