Kate Middleton, exaggerated curls and the coat that is a dream for everyone

Kate Middleton back to school: Hobbs fuchsia coat for 356 euros and hair with a surprising cascade of curls

Kate Middleton, the dreamy fuchsia coat and exaggerated curls

Kate Middleton goes back to school and does so wearing a magnificent £ 299 (356 euros) fuchsia coat, by Hobbs, which is a dream for everyone and an exaggerated cascade of curls.

Kate Middleton appeared calm and radiant while visiting a secondary school in north London. After all, the Duchess of Cambridge loves meeting children, she is perfectly at ease with them. In particular, Kate participated in a science lesson with 8 young students who studied the importance of the stages of brain development in early childhood.

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Kate Middleton, the fuchsia coat by Hobbs

Kate therefore presented herself to the appointment with a casual but very refined look. She chose a fuchsia coat with black buttons, by Hobbs, which she paired with a wool turtleneck of the same color and of the same brand that she often wears and a pair of navy blue trousers with leather belt at the waist and pointed suede pumps.

As jewelry, in addition to the engagement ring that belonged to Diana, she wore a pair of gold and diamond hoop earrings, created by Daniella Draper.

Strategically, the Duchess did not carry her bag to have her hands free and work with the children. In fact, he actively participated in their studies, focusing on the tasks they were doing.

While waiting to see her with her famous red-Christmas looks, Kate wanted to get into the spirit by giving a fuchsia touch to her wardrobe. In fact, both the coat and the sweater are new. On the other hand, Lady Middleton’s colorful overcoats are a winter must-have.

Kate Middleton, the exaggerated curls

Another detail that did not go unnoticed on this London visit concerns the hair of William’s wife. Kate re-proposes the tight and curled curls with which she had presented herself at the Royal Variety show where she had shown herself with an unprecedented side hairstyle and an exaggeration of waves that she obviously likes a lot since she decided to keep them also for a decidedly public appointment more informal.

But it is known that hair has always been one of the Duchess’s strengths, much envied even by Meghan Markle. And the hair stylist who takes care of them some time ago revealed the secret to obtaining them, a magical brush that is easily purchased online as well.

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