Kate Middleton exaggerates with her hair and reveals rivalry in the family

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Kate Middleton reappears on video with exaggerated ringlets and confesses private background and jealousies between George and Charlotte

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Kate Middleton returns to show herself in public, always in connection with her estate in Norfolk, to promote the photographic project Hold Still 2020, in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery. But something is wrong with her look.

Filed the birthday of her nephew Archie, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared on video wearing a yellow floral patterned dress, of the Raey brand (495 pounds) which is based in Notting Hill. A non-random choice in many respects.

In recent appearances, in fact, Kate has favored British brands, on the one hand to promote national pride, on the other to financially help local designers. Even the color is not dictated by a simple aesthetic taste.

Yellow indicates sunshine, hope and Lady Middleton, who has learned from Elizabeth to communicate also with the shades of her looks, proposes it, after the golf of Zara, to present the new project that aims to capture the spirit with photos, the fears and feelings of this very particular historical context.

The outfit, however, as a whole has an all too vintage style, but the hairstyle is not convincing. This time Lady Middleton has gone too far with ringlets and waves.

Once again the Duchess has impeccably fulfilled her duties, even revealing some private details of her life. In fact, Kate confessed that there are rivalries in the family. In fact, his son George is jealous of his little sister Charlotte. "George is very angry because he would like to do his sister's homework rather than studying the alphabet."

Then she told some background about the photos she took for Louis' birthday. The Principino was immortalized by mother Kate with her hands painted in the colors of the rainbow: "I should have taken a picture of how I looked after taking that image of Louis".

"Charlotte's photos have told our story and we hope others will do the same," continued the Duchess, talking about the images she made and shared for the Princess' birthday.

As you know, Kate is a great photography enthusiast and participates in the new project with 100 shots.

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