Kate Middleton, fabulous look in Cumbria: the jacket we should all have

Kate Middleton, fabulous look in Cumbria: the jacket we should all have

Kate Middleton with William continues her commitment to mental health. At the special meeting he presents himself with a casual look that is a charm

Kate Middleton, casual look in Cumbria

Kate Middleton and William went to Cumbria for a commitment related to the mental health campaign.

Once the formal outfit of Trooping The Color was discontinued, the Duchess of Cambridge presented herself with a casual look that is a real must have. Starting with the Taylor London 275 pound khaki jacket.

A coat that we should all have in the closet. Perfect for trips to the countryside or for outdoor activities, especially if the weather is a bit humid. Practice with its pockets and chic. In fact, Kate combines it with a very feminine white shirt, a military green golf and black skinny jeans. At the foot Lady Middleton wears her lace-up boots by Chloé, with a reinforced sole.

Hair gathered in an elegant ponytail, Kate is ready to meet Max, Paddy and Prince Harry who is not his brother-in-law. These are three spaniels, special dogs that help their owners regain balance and mental well-being. One of them, Max, had already met him during the Garden Party. The Duchess stopped to fondle them, along with her husband William.

Kate and William were warmly welcomed by the crowd: they smile, shake hands. She receives flowers and jokes with a child. And finally, let yourself be tempted by a taste of local cheeses.

The couple appeared serene and relaxed, despite the rumors of crisis due to an infatuation with Willi for Rose, the neighbor. But Kate certainly did not lose heart and promptly made him understand that he must retrace his steps.

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