Kate Middleton, far too thin, is sporting the coat we all should have

Kate Middleton, far too thin, is sporting the coat we all should have

Kate Middleton, too thin, goes back to university and wears a fairytale coat. But the look is dull and not striking

Kate Middleton returns to university, but this is just one of her many commitments as the Duchess of Cambridge. And for the occasion he wore a warm overcoat that we should all have in the closet.

William's wife, in fact, went to Derby University to talk to students and understand how the pandemic has affected mental health. Kate has chosen a look that is too sober, almost dull. But offset by a checkered coat, in beige tones, signed by Massimo Dutti, which really suits her. Cost? 249 pounds, or about 273 euros. The outerwear is very practical and versatile, a flared model, ideal for any silhouette. That's why we should all have this coat on hand.

Speaking of silhouette, Kate's is really subtle. Her black cigarette trousers are even loose fitting and the light blue cashmere sweater, also by Massimo Dutti, from around 130 euros, enhances the tight waist. The Duchess is really too thin. The low-priced outfit embellishes the décolletée by Gianvito Rossi, classic and much loved by Lady Middleton who wears the chain with the initials of her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, around her neck. The three Royal Babies were the real stars of these first days of October. Thanks to Sir David Attemborough they spoke for the first time in public to promote the well-known director's environmental documentary, A Planet For Us All.

Kate, who was rumored to be quite under pressure due to her numerous court commitments, appeared in shape, although as we pointed out, perhaps a little too thin and tired in the face, the bags under her eyes are not hidden. She visited the camp, wearing a cloth mask with small flowers and entertained her guests by addressing one of the issues that she and William are most at heart, mental health.

The Duchess of Cambridge rigorously respected the protocol and the visit took place in a formal way, just as her outfit appeared too formal which, excluding the overcoat, is rather dull, also due to the too neutral colors. Nothing to do with the splendid black and white outfit recently worn by Letizia di Spagna who often wears Massimo Dutti.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton – Source: Getty Images

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