Kate Middleton gets rid of the Court staff and shows her true side

Kate Middleton gets rid of the Court staff and shows her true side

During this time, the way the Duchess of Cambridge has given herself to the public has changed

Kate Middleton in solitary confinement: private photos of the Royal Family

Kate Middleton returns to surprise everyone, this time for the spontaneity and authenticity she has been showing in the interviews released recently. His is a truly remarkable change, which has been highly appreciated by the public.

During the past weeks, Kate and William have reduced their commitments to the bone, to also comply with the need to stay as much as possible at home in this emergency situation that we are experiencing. But the Duchess of Cambridge has not completely given up on her thousand activities, moving online: these days, she has shown herself in public on several occasions, in video connection from her estate in Norfolk.

These apparitions turned into real interviews, during which Kate talked about her family, revealing unpublished details, and told curious anecdotes. Gorgeous and radiant as usual, she showed a more authentic face and turned out to be much more spontaneous than we remembered her. Some real experts have noticed how, in these interviews, Kate revealed more than she would have liked and they soon understood the reason: the Duchess got rid of the Court staff, also giving up those who previously dealt with the his communications.

Indeed, Prince William and his wife are completely alone in Anmer Hall, the splendid country estate where they are spending their isolation period. With them, only the children George, Charlotte and Louis. It is therefore evident that Kate is facing autonomously her own videoconferences, without however that this "mishap" prevents her from carrying out her commitments. On one of the last occasions she connected to promote the Hold Still 2020 photographic project, in which she decided to participate personally with 100 shots of her family.

Furthermore, in the past few hours the Duchess attended a video conference together with some midwives and new mothers, talking to them about the difficulties they are facing in this particular historical period. On all these occasions, Kate showed herself authentic and spontaneous, let herself go to some intimate confidences and made sure that the atmosphere was as informal as possible. This is an aspect that the public has always appreciated in the Duchess, and today more than ever everyone loves her for having revealed her humanity.

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