Kate Middleton gloomy and drawn after the accusations of Meghan Markle. The Palace is silent

Kate Middleton reacts to Meghan Markle's interview: it's a war between TV

Kate Middleton looked stunned after Harry and Meghan Markle's interview. While the Palace is paralyzed, the Queen does not sign the official communication

Kate Middleton was photographed a few hours after the bombshell interview with Meghan Markle and Harry and her face betrayed tension, stress and worry. While according to rumors, the Palace is paralyzed after the revelations of the Sussexes that seem to have been made to blow up the Royal Family. Elizabeth even refused to sign an official statement in response to her grandchildren's allegations, too low a blow from Harry that even she didn't expect.

Kate Middleton's first reaction to Meghan and Harry's interview is of stone and disbelief., Where she is portrayed as the arrogant who mistreated Markle before the wedding, making her cry, only to apologize with a lot of floral tribute, and like a fake who did not intervene to disprove the tabloids who told distorted truths about the relationship with her sister-in-law claiming that it was Harry's wife who made Kate cry.

When Kate was paparazzi in her car on her way back to Kensington Palace, her expression revealed concern and seriousness, her face was stone, like that of Camilla Parker Bowles. Both were pointed out by Meghan for leaking stories about her to the press while still a senior member of the Royal Family.

Lady Middleton and her husband William did not react to the words of Meghan and Harry, no response to the statements of the Sussexes that indiscriminately affected members of the Royal Family, including the Queen even if only indirectly, making it clear, however, that behind everything there was the consent of His Majesty.

The Cambridge were stuck and dumbfounded, as the expression on Kate's face was stunned within hours of the 2-hour show with Oprah Winfrey, which earned CBS millions of dollars, a shock. classy (in an ironic sense) for Harry and Meghan who during the chat show off a splendid $ 4,000 Armani dress. In Italy it is broadcast by TV8 on 9 March and in reruns on 10 March.

On official social media profiles, William and Kate preferred to ignore the Sussexes and not fuel the flames of controversy, after Harry and his wife declared that it was racism that snaked in the Palace that prompted them to leave Great Britain. But if they really are so racist at Buckingham Palace, why did the Queen approve the marriage between her nephew and Meghan? He could have blocked this union from the beginning, as he did with his sister. If he really found Markle so unsuitable, why didn't he reject her right away? He had full right and certainly would have found a formal motivation to communicate to the world.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace also held, like William and Kate, the line of silence, and a source close to the Court told the Daily Mail that "people are wavering" at the words of the Sussexes. Another strategy instead adopted by Thomas Markle, Meghan's father, who went to Good Morning Britain who rejected any accusation of "betrayal" that his daughter made and attacked Harry directly: "We all make mistakes, but I have no never played pool naked or disguised as Hitler like Harry did “. And he defends the Crown: "The Royals are not racists".

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

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