Kate Middleton goes back to work: the jacket is a fairy tale but the hairstyle is wrong

Kate Middleton goes back to work: the jacket is a fairy tale but the hairstyle is wrong

Kate Middleton is back in public and flaunts the blazer we all should have. But the collected hair is an unforgivable mistake

Kate Middleton, the iconic blazers

Kate Middleton is finally back to work after the Christmas break. His first public engagement of 2021 takes place on video and has William at his side. And it enchants with a gray blazer that all of us should have in the closet.

Kate chooses an extremely chic look for the formal occasion, like a perfect working girl, following the style she has adopted since this fall, preferring jackets and suits, sweaters and bon ton dresses, not only in video link but also in presence. Suffice it to recall the black jacket sported at the Natural History Museum or the seventies suit that was considered a challenge to the court dress code.

Now Lady Middleton appears for the first time in 2021 in virtual connection with a Prince of Wales blazer, light gray, with black details on the neck, by Smythe, which she paired with a simple black t-shirt. The jacket is one of Kate's favorite pieces, she also wore it in 2018 during a engagement in Essex. Smythe is also one of Meghan Markle's favorite brands, at least when she was working for the English monarchy.

The Duchess of Cambridge chose a very formal and simple outfit, almost "clean", also because the occasion required it. She and William faced a thorny issue: the mental health of workers who are working against the spread of Covid.

The Duke, who has had experience as a helicopter rescue pilot, knows what it means to deal with "trauma, disease and death" and underlined how such sad situations impact on the rescuers' private life, too. "When you see so much death and so many grief, it affects the way you look at the world": he reiterated to the workers on video call. But he also stressed the importance of finding another perspective with which to look at things.

Kate and William appeared smiling in front of the cameras and the room in which they held the meeting was also bright, a light-colored boardroom, while the couple sat on a white sofa and behind them a mirror reflected the light and on the shelf was a picture of Louis cheery. A clear message, even in the furnishings, to instill positivity in those who face the traumas of Covid.

Precisely the delicate message that the Dukes had to give, led William and Kate to choose sober and not refined looks, but above all devoid of any frivolity. Lady Middleton has also given up her curls, preferring a collected hairstyle. An irreproachable choice were it not for the creation of the hairstyle, a kind of cross between the old fifties banana and the messy bun disheveled like Meghan. Result? A middle ground that helps to harden Kate's face and perhaps also to age her, thanks to the sobriety of the gray look. A real style mistake.

William Kate Middleton

William and Kate Middleton

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