Kate Middleton, Harry almost in tears because of him and William’s “fault”

Kate Middleton, Harry almost in tears because of him and William's "fault"

A book reveals new background on the relationship between Kate and William and Harry and Meghan, who were allegedly injured during an official event

Backgrounds continue to emerge about the discussions of the British Royal Family: it seems that Prince Harry found himself on the verge of tears after he and his wife Meghan Markle were “snubbed” during their last appearance as active members of the Crown.

Harry and Meghan, what happened

Before leaving the Royal Family and moving to California, Harry and Meghan’s last official engagement was to attend the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on 9 March 2020, alongside the Queen, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

To reveal what happened during that fatal day, it was Robert Lacey in the book Battle of Brothers. Buckingham Palace tried to downplay the last minute change, stating that “there is no set order for this annual service” as it “depends on the number of royal family members present”.

The author instead revealed that the programs detailing the exact order of the procession had been distributed before the royals arrived, which means that everyone already knew that Harry and Meghan would be “snubbed”. The author said that the plan of the event provided that William and Kate would enter the Abbey together with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Camilla, while Harry and Meghan had a secluded entrance.

“Before the ceremony, two thousand service orders had been distributed specifying that William and Kate would enter the Abbey as the main royal party,” the author explained. However, there was no mention of Harry and Meghan in the procession ”. The Daily Mail reported at the time that the Sussexes were “quite sensitive and emotional” on the subject.

Harry, almost in tears at the Commonwealth Day Service

“An affront in black and white, for all to see,” Lacey added, explaining that while Harry’s face was “quite tense and without a hint of a smile,” Lady Markle tried to mask her disappointment with “the his best smile on TV ”.

According to witnesses at the event, Harry barely said goodbye to William as he sat down next to him, and it seems that during the ceremony the Prince became increasingly gloomy. “According to one observer, her accelerated blinking even suggested she could hold back tears,” Lacey reported in Battle of Brothers.

The book adds some elements certainly destined to make fans of the Royal Family discuss: it seems that William believed that Meghan had a “plan” and that he was “jealous” of the fact that she was “taking away his beloved brother”. The Prince also allegedly confessed that his wife Kate had been “immediately distrustful” of the former actress.

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