Kate Middleton, Harry was the third inconvenient between her and William

Kate Middleton, Harry was the third inconvenient between her and William

Harry would have felt like Kate Middleton and William's spare wheel, until Meghan Markle came to give him courage

Harry felt like the third inconvenient or the spare wheel of Kate Middleton and William, being forced to accompany them to the official events. This is what experts on real issues say.

Before Meghan Markle's arrival, Harry then simply followed his brother and sister-in-law, as a sort of appendix to the Dukes of Cambridge, without apparently having a specific role within the Court. While after the wedding with Meghan, he would have acquired his own specificity in the Palazzo, without being the shadow of William and Kate anymore.

To report it is the expert Katie Nicholl who underlines how in the burning biography Finding Freedom this discomfort of Harry is continuously repeated everywhere. In short, the Prince felt he had no identity, a spare wheel. And while the media considered the trio a perfect team, Harry felt pushed aside. The second son has never fully entered the team. Although Lady Middleton and Will did everything they could to make him feel part of the group, but he was still isolated.

Nicholl is convinced that Meghan Markle worked as a catalyst giving him that confidence to free himself from Kate and William, even if "it wasn't exactly what he wanted", because the trio was comfortable and welcoming. Harry was also very close to Lady Middleton, so much so that he even asked for his help recently finding himself in difficulty with his new life.

Meghan, the expert points out, "was a driving force for Harry and people should have given her more credit." On the other hand, this force has overwhelmed Harry himself, removing him from his affections. The relationship between the two brothers and Lady Middleton had never been questioned before Markle's arrival, even though Carlo's second son had played a minor role in the triptych.

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