Kate Middleton, her husband William had mental health problems

Kate Middleton, her husband William had mental health problems

William, Kate Middleton's husband, admitted that he suffered from mental illness while serving on the helicopter ambulance in Angola

William and Kate Middleton: commitment against mental health problems

Kate Middleton and William are very attentive to the issue of mental health and are promoters of various charitable initiatives.

In these days the Prince has participated in the launch of the Mental Health at Work site which offers support to people suffering from mental illness. Kate (who was bullied) was not present because she was still on maternity leave after the birth of little Louis last April.

During the event, William gave a talk in which he recounted his personal experience admitting that he had emotional problems while serving as an air ambulance pilot for the RAF in eastern Angola.

You see many sad things every day and you think life is like that.

Kate's husband served in Angola for two years during which he had to live with strong emotions, putting a strain on his mental health. Will revealed:

You are always dealing with despair, sadness and misfortunes. The tension builds up and you can't discharge it if you're not careful.

He then added that people suffering from psychological problems shut themselves up in silence because they are often not adequately supported, but

We are human beings and many forget these battles. We create a shield to do our job, but sometimes something pierces our armor.

Obviously the Prince stressed this applies to all work environments:

One person can change the way a company thinks about mental health.

William then advises sufferers to talk about it because it is the first step towards recovery. Of course he can count on his wife Kate Middleton. The couple is very close-knit, despite Camilla's gossips and sabotages, and they prefer the warmth of family life rather than court gala.

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