Kate Middleton, her plan to get Harry and Meghan back to London

Kate Middleton, her plan to get Harry and Meghan back to London

After Prince Philip’s death, the Duchess of Cambridge has become the glue of the family and is said to be working towards a return of Harry and Meghan to London.

Kate Middleton and William, George is getting bigger

Despite the tensions and the now definitive break with the Royal Family, it seems that Harry and Meghan are planning a trip to the United Kingdom to introduce Lilibet to the Queen, many months after her birth. And, to hold the reins of this long-awaited return, would be the most unsuspected of all: the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Yes, because, according to the insiders, William’s wife is already working to welcome the Sussexes, who have been away from home for too long. Kate would also be eager to meet her granddaughter, who she could only see through FaceTime: “Kate hasn’t given up on her mission to reunite Harry and William, even as the obstacles are getting higher. The Duchess is the only one who managed to call Harry on the phone: she doesn’t answer anyone else’s calls. “

She would therefore be the only one in contact with the ex-brother-in-law, despite the disagreements with the Royals sparked by the scandal interview released by the Sussex to Oprah Winfrey. His intent is to mend relationships precisely for the sake of children. Middleton is in fact a very attentive aunt and is always present in the lives of her sister Pippa’s children, Arthur and Grace. His aim would therefore be to be a reference figure for Archie and Lilibet as well.

The plan for the Sussexes’ return to London is already underway and could be put in place at Christmas 2021. Harry’s intent would be to take Lili to London to introduce her to the Queen, so there would be no better time to reunite the family after many months spent apart and not in harmony.

After Prince Philip’s death, Kate Middleton has become the glue of the family and that is why she would be working to restore love between all of its members. Not an easy task, given the hostility that exists between the older members of the family and Harry, who has decided to leave London to start a new life with Meghan Markle and the children. However, the Windsors have not yet digested this choice – and probably never will – they continue to hope for his return to England.

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