Kate Middleton hospitalized: is she pregnant for the third time?

It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from severe nausea. Meanwhile rumors are circulating that even his sister Pippa is pregnant

Kate Middleton, the secrets of her pregnancies

Kate Middleton is pregnant for the third time. A gossip that has been around for months, but now it seems to be all true. At least the media are convinced of this, although of course everything from Palazzo is silent. As reported by the Celebdirtylaundry.Com website, the clue that clears any doubt would be the sudden hospitalization of the Duchess of Cambridge, justifiable only by the fact that she is again pregnant.

In fact, during previous pregnancies Lady Middleton had suffered from severe sickness that had forced her to hospital treatment. Indeed, in Charlotte's case, the announcement was anticipated precisely because of Kate's illness. By the way, William's wife has appeared more serene and relaxed in recent official visits than some time ago. It also seemed more flesh than usual.

In the Middleton house, however, it seems that the stork is also arriving for Kate's younger sister, Pippa, who was married to the billionaire James Matthwes last May. Even in this case, the official is missing, but a source close to the couple would have revealed that the new bride is already in the second month of pregnancy and is convinced that it is a female.

Pippa, who in view of marriage was very slim thanks to the Sirt diet and had enhanced her enviable line with designer clothes, appeared on social networks wearing a very large shirt, ideal for hiding suspicious shapes.

So, double bow for the most powerful sisters in the world?

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