Kate Middleton impatient for the continuous confrontations with Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton impatient for the continuous confrontations with Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Cambridge lives this comparison badly and is furious against anyone who talks about her excessive fatigue

The adage Kate Middleton vs Meghan Markle has been going on for years now. These constant comparisons would apparently have stewed the Duchess of Cambridge. According to what was revealed by a former journalist experienced in the affairs of The Firm, Kate would be more than willing to silence these comparisons, but also furious because of the contents of an article dedicated to her on Tatler magazine, which chose her as protagonist the cover of the July / August issue.

According to accredited sources, the Duchess is considering the possibility of taking legal action against the gravure. His intolerance would have been caused in particular by the claims related to his tiredness due to the increase in the workload due to the abandonment of the Royal Family by the former Suits actress.

According to Duncan Larcombe, a former journalist and author of a biography focused on Harry and in particular on his change after his marriage to Markle, Kate would be upset and, we repeat, strongly intent on silencing all the comparisons between her and her sister-in-law .

According to Larcombe, the constant comparison between the two women makes Kate appear as a bulwark to beat Meghan (who once again challenged tradition by choosing not to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth on her birthday). The former reporter pointed out that William also feels very annoyed every time comparisons are made between him and Kate and little Archie's parents.

Returning to the situation that the Duchess of Cambridge is currently experiencing, we remember that she and William sent to Tatler magazine, a true bible of glamorous publishing in the UK, a warning where they invite the removal from the internet of an article in which Kate it is called 'Catherine the Great', in their opinion without foundation. A real source told the Daily Mail that the contents mentioned above are sexist and shameful.

To be disputed are the aforementioned statements relating to Kate's tiredness, as well as statements that speak of William's obsession with Carole Middleton, mother of the Duchess of Cambridge. The wrath of Kate and William are also some comments about Pippa. We conclude by recalling that the magazine responded to the accusations of the Dukes by specifying that the couple had known for some time of the contents of the issue and that it also received a request from the editorial staff to contribute to them.

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