Kate Middleton in Belize brings her chic style with her! Let’s find out the looks!

Kate Middleton in Belize brings her chic style with her!  Let's find out the looks!

Kate Middleton arrives in Belize with Prince William as the first stop on the Royal Caribbean tour, and the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t forgotten to bring her British chic style with her! Here are the most beautiful looks worn by Kate Middleton!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on their way to the Royal tour around the Caribbean, first stop in Belize, second in Jamaica and then arrive in the Bahamas. During the visit of the first two places on the roadmap, Kate and William were greeted by an opposing spirit, of those who thanked them for their arrival and of those who instead asked and protested for the compensation of a past made up of colonialism and exploitation of the territories .

Kate Middleton in Belize

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One thing is certain: what did not go unnoticed was Kate Middleton’s innate style! Here are the looks of the Duchess of Cambridge in Belize!

Like it or not, Kate Middleton has an innate style. Her looks, from the more casual to the more formal, have always been perfect for occasions and never banal.

Despite her regal and delicate bearing, the Duchess of Cambridge has never given up on her personality in terms of fashion.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today in this branded style guide CheWoman: Kate Middleton on an official trip to Belize wore outfits that deserve a style guide!

Are you ready to discover all Kate Middleton’s looks?

Kate Middleton in Belize, between elegant suits and explorer outfits!

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to fashion is respect the “dress code” even when there is no real one. Every situation, every place must be respected with the right clothing. Kate Middleton knows this style rule perfectly, and in fact during her official visit for the Royal tour in Belize she was perfect!

Kate Middleton in Belize

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The arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge in Belize did not go unnoticed, one of the reasons was certainly the electric blue suit worn by Kate. Specifically, a suit consisting of a fitted jacket with shoulder pads, a fitted midi skirt, all in lace, combined with a pair of tone-on-tone décolleté and a handbag.

Once the official greetings were over, Kate Middleton showed her simpler part through dand definitely more casual looks: the one consisting of a white t-shirt, Saharan jacket, cotton trousers and walking boot, and the one consisting of a floral patterned “sundress” dress, combined with the Duchess’s favorite shoes, wedge espadrilles.

But the look that literally left everyone speechless was definitely the one worn at the reception organized by the Governor General of Belize. Specifically, Kate Middleton wore a long metallic pink dress from The Vampire’s Wife brand. All combined with a pair of silver Jimmy Choo sandals and a Mayan handcrafted clutch bag.

A perfect look for the occasion, which in addition gave impetus to the figure of the Duchess. By the way, looking taller than you can do! Here’s how to make the right outfit!

Kate Middleton in Belize

Photo from Instagram

The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman on the looks worn by Kate Middleton in Belize.

See you at the next style guide, to find out all the news in terms of fashion, society and much more. Because fashion is everywhere!

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