Kate Middleton in the eighth month conquers the soldiers with a big belly and William with the chicken

Kate Middleton in the eighth month conquers the soldiers with a big belly and William with the chicken

Kate Middleton is in her eighth month of pregnancy and sports a huge baby bump during the military parade for St. Patrick. William is affectionate, thanks to the dinners that the Duchess prepares for him based on chicken

Kate Middleton, the green baby bump conquers everyone at the St. Patrick's parade

Kate Middleton is in the eighth month of pregnancy. The baby bump is getting bigger but does not prevent her from attending traditional events such as the military parade in London for St. Patrick, patron of Ireland.

The curves of the Duchess of Cambridge are much more rounded than the previous two sweet waits. Some say that the reason is a twin pregnancy, but to tell the truth it is much more likely that the third royal baby is female. However, Kate conquers all 350 soldiers present at the procession with the sweetness of motherhood and an impeccable look.

Lady Middleton wears one of her iconic coats, naturally green in honor of Ireland, designed by Catherine Walker, and embellished with synthetic fur collar and cuffs. The outfit is completed by a sophisticated hat by Gina Foster and her beloved Tod's high-heeled pumps.

William, who for the occasion fulfills his duty as Colonel of the Irish Guards, is very tender with his wife and in a rare gesture of affection in public, he encircles her shoulders as if to protect her in a sweet embrace. Kate smiles serenely. And if to conquer the military, sympathy and the huge belly are enough, its axis in the sleeve for Will is the chicken. Yes, just the chicken.

In fact, it seems that in family intimacy, Kate seduces the hubby by cooking the roast chicken that she often prepares also for her brother-in-law Harry. The latter, among other things, made the marriage proposal to Meghan Markle just as she had the chicken in the pan. It therefore seems that the feather is the favorite dish of Diana's two children.

Indeed, according to People, William has admitted that although he is not a skilled cook at home, he loves to cook chicken or steak. “Medium cooking. I almost like him alive ", he would have specified.

It is not the first time that the culinary preferences of young royal couples have leaked. As Vanity Fair reports, already in 2016 Kate had told of shopping in the supermarket where she bought the chicken for William. And in 2012 it had emerged that Lady Middleton's favorite pastime was cooking roast chicken for her husband.

While Queen Elizabeth follows a specific diet from which there is never a glass of gin and chocolate.

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