Kate Middleton in the purple shirt is flawless and prepares to become Queen

Kate Middleton, the plan to save Harry from Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton in the purple shirt is flawless and proves she is ready to become Queen

Kate Middleton in the purple shirt is flawless and prepares to become Queen. The Duchess of Cambridge is increasingly comfortable in the role of future sovereign and is now ready to replace Elizabeth II in everything. Several years have passed since 2011 in which Kate swore eternal love to William, tying his fate to that of the British crown. Since then, unlike Meghan Markle, Catherine has managed to blend perfectly with the Royal Family, becoming a full member.

After facing the Coronavirus emergency, with the isolation of the Queen and the positivity of Carlo made public, Kate has shown that she is ready to take on many more responsibilities. In the latest video posted on Instagram, as experts point out, the Duchess of Cambridge moves and talks like The Queen. A change that demonstrates Kate's determination and her willingness to follow the path chosen for her by Elizabeth II.

The Duchess is the protagonist of a speech, spread on Instagram, in which she talks about early childhood and the protection of mental health of both children and parents. Mother of George, Charlotte and Louise, Kate has a lot to heart these issues that she has faced often over the years, also supported by William. Body language expert Judi James explained to The Express how Kate Middleton has changed, resembling the Queen more and more in her speeches. "The structure, tone and wording of Kate's latest speeches are interesting," he said, "because they are very regal, and that means we can already see a preview of Kate in her role as future queen. The sentences are short and simple, and therefore impactful. It follows the same structure of Elizabeth II ”. William's wife is spontaneous and empathetic, but also reveals a "sense of authority". A style that would follow that of the Sovereign. "Both women are actually quite shy, so it took some time to get to this type of relationship, but today they have a very normal and confidential relationship."

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