Kate Middleton is back in public and surprises with the 11 euro dress

Kate Middleton is back in public and surprises with the 11 euro dress

Kate Middleton shows herself on video with the perfect bon ton dress in floral fabric that she found on sale, paying only about 11 euros

Kate Middleton shows herself again in video and confirms herself as the queen of style wearing a dress that costs 10 pounds, or about 11 euros. The opportunity to reappear in public is the presentation of the shots that have placed in the top 100 places of the photo contest, sponsored by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate did not miss the opportunity to buy the dress she wore on video on sale. It is a dress signed by Zara, one of the most loved low cost brands by William's wife, the price of which has been reduced by 50 pounds. And so Lady Middleton took advantage immediately, showing that you can be impeccable without necessarily spending a mind-boggling amount.

The floral print dress, recently recycled another one with flowers, with small lace inserts perfectly meets the Duchess's bon ton needs and has the advantage of being made of 50% viscose, a natural, eco-friendly material. sustainable. Although some details in the clip were not visible, the garment is very versatile and suitable for all types of physique thanks to a strategic elastic waistband and a wide slit. And then Kate got it for just 11 euros, a real bargain.

To complete the look of the minimal hoop earrings, a make-up in neutral colors, clear lip gloss and long and very smooth hair to frame the face.

Kate seemed in a great mood, despite the difficult task of drawing up the ranking of the top 100 photos out of the 30,000 submitted for the contest. As is known, Lady Middleton is a great lover of photography and on many official occasions, such as the birthdays of her children, she publishes images made by her on the social profiles of Kensington Palace.

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