Kate Middleton, it’s not just a question of style: the secret messages of her dresses

Kate Middleton, it's not just a question of style: the secret messages of her dresses

Did you think it was just a question of style? No, behind Kate Middleton’s dresses there is much more: all the secret messages

Kate Middleton, from the quilted jacket to the blazer in Prince of Wales

What’s behind the style of Kate Middleton, (likely) future Queen and Duchess of Cambridge? No, it’s not just a matter of knowing how to match colors, or being flawless on virtually any occasion. Fashion is much more, it is personality, character and even secrets. Yes, you read that right: Kate has always sent messages through her clothing.

Royal tours, bike rides in the Lake District, sparkling dances: Kate has never denied herself anything, from the most informal occasions to events of a certain caliber. His is a style that has evolved over the years, which in some ways has become more mature. The Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe has inevitably changed since her wild days wandering around London with her sister Pippa Middleton.

Fabulous Digital, with fashion expert Harriet Davey, pointed out how Kate has adapted with enormous ease to real occasions. With a certain courage, without ever betraying herself and her trust. “His way of coordinating colors shows how he wants to adapt to occasions, but also to the crowd”. Kate wants to stand out, but she doesn’t want to overshadow others. Retracing the Duchess’s wardrobe, Fabulous Digital inevitably came to a halt in 2007.

During that year, in fact, Kate showed herself in a more uninhibited way, sporting sparkling, short dresses and showing well beyond her legs. The secret message? Clear and a bit banal: he wanted to show Prince William what he was missing. And it actually worked: not only did she experiment, embracing new trends, but she was able to make her intentions understood.

When did Kate officially become the Queen of Royal Style we know? She began developing her style on her first Royal Tour in Canada after her wedding. “The details of her dresses are always elegant, iconic, but they maintain a certain simplicity. Neutral accessories are often noticed, so that the attention is focused on the dress “.

One of the most loved colors by the Duchess is undoubtedly yellow, which is the color of positivity, joy and happiness. “Kate is very keen on communication, and through the shades of her clothes she expresses her mood. He wants to involve the people present, make them feel how he is “. Among other things, it was also praised for being a winner also in recycling, which is not easy (as it happened to Letizia of Spain).

His best pieces are often repeated, and it is no coincidence. “At this point in her life, Kate knows exactly what she likes to wear, she has adapted to royal protocols and prefers to play it safe, opting for clothing that fits her well.” Finally, according to Fabulous Digital, Kate and William often choose well-matched looks: “A sign of how connected they are together”. Royal and (future) Queen, but above all unbeatable.

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