Kate Middleton, new dream blazer. And it amazes with the hairstyle

Kate Middleton, nuovo blazer da sogno. E stupisce con la pettinatura

Kate Middleton debuts a new look that dangerously resembles that of Meghan Markle. But the result is excellent

Kate Middleton is back on video and debuts with a new look that amazed everyone. The Duchess of Cambridge is a charm, but she is very reminiscent of the style of her number one rival: Meghan Markle.

Kate abandons, at least in the last video calls, the bon ton and very British looks to adopt more sober and minimal outfits, like a perfect working girl. But it is not only this that amazes, in fact it is now months that Lady Middleton has accustomed us to her fabulous blazers (LOOK AT THE PHOTOS), following in the footsteps of Letizia di Spagna who knows about suit. But let's proceed in order.

The Duchess of Cambridge chatted virtually with a group of nurses from the U.K. hospital where Margaret Keenan was given the first vaccine last month. Kate thanked the health workers for the work they are doing during the pandemic and especially for "their acts of kindness" that go far beyond their profession but are dictated by the heart.

For the occasion, Lady Middleton presented herself with a blue blazer, fitted at the waist, which she paired with a simple white shirt with a shawl collar, truly classy. A perfect suit, sober enough, but very refined and feminine, as well as being extremely versatile. White shirt and navy jacket are two items that should never be missing in a woman's wardrobe. But the first who made them trendy again at the English Court was Meghan Markle who made the shirt a must in her wardrobe, also wearing it on gala evenings.

Meanwhile, Kate embellishes the outfit by wearing pearl earrings, which are among her favorites, and a thin gold chain with a small dark stone. But to amaze everyone is the new hairstyle. Lady Middleton, abandoned the vintage crop that didn't do her justice, showed up in video with her long hair down. She gave up her beloved curls for very smooth locks obviously passed with the straightener. The result is excellent, Kate looks rejuvenated and the change of look is promoted.

But you can't help but notice a certain resemblance to Meghan Markle's hair, who in the last months spent in Los Angeles showed herself with very long and very smooth hair, almost always worn on the shoulders. In short, William's wife seems to be inspired by her sister-in-law, when she intends to modernize her image.

Lady Middleton, as always, appeared smiling in public. Kate connected from Sandringham, Queen Elizabeth's Norfolk estate that at this time she lent her grandchildren as a representative location to hold their virtual meetings during the lockdown. In fact, the large estate is currently uninhabited, Elizabeth and Philip are at Windsor Castle. Kate and William currently reside in Anmer Hall which is not far from Sandringham where they have set up an office with their staff.

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