Kate Middleton overshadowed by her sister Pippa: everyone wants the 10 euro sweater

Kate Middleton overshadowed by her sister Pippa: everyone wants the 10 euro sweater

Despite the successes, Kate Middleton is overshadowed by her sister Pippa with the 10 euro Christmas sweater that everyone wants

Kate Middleton and William at the theater: the children steal the show

After the election of Meghan Markle as the most famous royal, Kate Middleton is overshadowed by her sister Pippa. The 37-year-old's look has in fact conquered the fans of the Royal Family and now everyone wants her sweater, which cost only 10 euros. 2020 was undoubtedly the year of Kate who, due to the Coronavirus emergency, took the reins of the royal family together with William.

While Charles was ill and the Queen in solitary confinement, the Dukes of Cambridge managed the Sovereign's numerous engagements and carried on the monarchy. Kate in particular has shown that she is up to the task assigned to her, always showing herself to be impeccable. Shortly before Christmas she and Diana's eldest son set off on a train tour where Catherine sported coats of different colors and gorgeous looks. The last public appearance was then at the theater together not only with William, but also with their children Charlotte, George and Louis. The family walked the red carpet in London, bewitching the royal watchers.

In the last few hours, however, Kate's star has been obscured, at least in part, by her sister Pippa. The 37-year-old hadn't appeared in public for some time, busy taking care of her son Arthur Michael William, born from the union with millionaire James Matthews, married in 2017. In view of Christmas, however, she made an exception, showing herself in a photo for celebrate the students of Mary Hare School, of which she is an ambassador.

In the shot, which appeared on the institute's social profiles, Kate Middleton's sister shows off a red Christmas sweater with a Christmas tree. The casual look, perfect for Christmas Jumper lovers, was greatly appreciated by fans of the royal family. In fact, the sweater chosen by Pippa is also super low cost and would have been purchased on an online sales portal for less than 10 euros.

Just like her older sister, Pippa also has great taste and the ability to mix low-cost items in her wardrobe, which everyone can buy, with high fashion pieces signed by designers. A choice made more and more often also by Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton's sister-in-law and friend / enemy.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton

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