Kate Middleton overshadowed: no longer disappoint at Royal Ascot

Kate Middleton overshadowed: no longer disappoint at Royal Ascot

Zara Tindall, the Queen's granddaughter, is inspired by Kate Middleton in the look and steals her the scene at the inauguration of the Royal Ascot which takes place behind closed doors this year

Kate Middleton and Kitty Spencer at Royal Ascot 2019

Kate Middleton overshadowed by Zara Tindall at the inauguration of the Royal Ascot, the most important English horse event, which takes place behind closed doors for the first time in 309 years.

The program ends on June 20 and even Queen Elizabeth for the first time after 68 years is forced to follow him on television from Windsor Castle where she is with her husband Filippo who celebrated the 99 years a few days ago.

The whole Royal Family will therefore be glued to the small screen to follow the races. But Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anna and a well-known horsewoman, together with her husband Mark Phillips, has fully prepared to witness the opening of the Royal Ascot, albeit from her home.

Elisabetta's granddaughter wore a blue floral print dress with a hat, an essential accessory for those who want to participate in the most glamorous event of the summer season. The choice of look is perhaps not accidental, in fact the dress is signed Beulah (495 pounds), one of the favorite brands of Kate Middleton.

Zara therefore stole the show from Kate. The subjects went into raptures for that photo, shared on social networks by the stylist Annie Miall, which gives a sense of continuity with the past, important at a time when the usual public appointments are skipped or modified, such as Trooping the Color, the parade to celebrate the Queen's official birthday.

Lady Middleton has often been the protagonist of the Royal Ascot, an event that Elizabeth loves. She wore some of the most iconic looks, such as the white lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana. So this year cannot disappoint the Queen. He could be inspired by Zadar, recycle one of his famous clothes and show himself while following the horse races.

To tell the truth, however, Kate snubbed the event for five years after she married William. According to what the Express reports, there is a reason for this absence. The Prince wanted to protect his wife from criticism and pressure. In fact, the Royal Ascot is an event of great prestige for the Royal Family and it is good that everything takes place according to the protocol to avoid any gaffes or scandals.

Also in 2018 the Duchess of Cambridge did not take part, because her third son, Louis, had just given birth. Meghan Markle made her debut that year with a refined white dress, very British style, but the charm did not last long. Probably that was the only opportunity he had to participate, at least as a main member of the Royal Family.

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