Kate Middleton, plans for Easter and the Queen's sadness

Kate Middleton, plans for Easter and the Queen's sadness

Kate Middleton reveals her Easter in the family and the Queen does not hide her sadness

Kate Middleton, the pink look is a charm

This year, Easter will also be different for royalty and Kate Middleton is preparing to spend the holidays with her family of origin, leaving the Queen alone. According to reports Hello, the Cambridge will not spend Easter with the Sovereign, but will likely reach Amner Hall, their residence in Norfolk.

There Charlotte, Louis and George can have fun with egg hunts, away from prying eyes, run in the meadows and play with their little cousins. In fact, Kate and William would also have invited Pippa and her husband James, along with their children: Arthur and little Grace, who arrived recently. The Duchess is very attached to her family of origin from which she has never separated and which has always been very important to her.

If for the Cambridge it will still be a peaceful Easter, the Queen has hinted that she is very sad for the situation she is experiencing. The Queen was perhaps hoping for Harry and Meghan Markle to return to London to mend relations, but after the interview-scandal with Oprah Winfrey, the situation escalated. William would still be furious with his brother over allegations of racism against the royal family and Meghan's words about the fight with Kate Middleton. This is why he would have decided to seek some serenity with his wife's family with whom he also has an excellent relationship.

During the Maundy Thursday ceremony on the Thursday before Easter, The Queen gave symbolic coins to the people who served the nation, also sending a letter in which she recounts her sadness. "I am sure you will be as sad as I am that current conditions make this ceremony impossible," wrote the Sovereign. Elizabeth II was then photographed with her son Carlo, smiling, in a flower garden, as if to chase away the sadness and thoughts caused by the problems experienced in recent months.

For Harry and Meghan, however, Easter will be in California, in the couple's mansion with little Archie and awaiting the arrival of their second child. The baby, as revealed by Markle, will be a girl, but the name has not yet been revealed.

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