Kate Middleton pregnant, because she dresses like a grandmother

Kate Middleton pregnant, because she dresses like a grandmother

The Duchess of Cambridge is showing off maternity looks that make her look like a 70 year old. We reveal his new strategy to you

Kate Middleton, the looks of the third pregnancy

Kate Middleton, 35, is pregnant for the third time and finally, overcoming the violent nauseas, she shows off her maternity looks (which are usually snapped up). With her third pregnancy, however, something has changed in the outfits of the Duchess of Cambridge who seems to prefer the outfits of her grandmother. Where did his shiny suits, those fluttering skirts, glamorous coats and polka dot dresses go?

For the inauguration of the forum on children's mental health, organized by the charity of which she is godmother, Place2be, Kate presented herself with a burgundy Goat dress, a color difficult to wear, which she unfortunately combined with very heavy socks, so opaque to look containment (should learn from Brigitte Macron, 64).

At the gala dinner, Diane Von Furstenberg's black dress was recycled. The pink sheath dress worn while dancing with the Paddington bear was worn by women 40 years ago. And finally he set of £ 795 Temperley London, sported on his first official release since expecting his third child, was a riot of lace, ribbons and bows. Other than vintage, it was directly inspired by Jane Austen.

Why does the 35-year-old want to look like a 70-year-old? We have identified these reasons.

  • Kate at 35 and soon a mother of three has decided it's time for a change. He is no longer William's young wife who must bring a breath of fresh air to the English monarchy, but is the laid-back consort of the future King of England, mother of the heir to the throne. Therefore, it must communicate authoritativeness.
  • Lady Middleton has realized that it is useless to compete with the late mother in law Lady Diana. Nobody can be like her. And the Duchess will not be able to take her place in the hearts of her subjects but neither in Will's. So he decided to draw inspiration from other models. Maybe Camilla Parker Bowles, who is experiencing a second youth at the age of 70.
  • Perhaps Kate is fed up with the constant reproaches of Queen Elizabeth. So he decided to stick more closely to the Court protocol in terms of look (starting with the manicure).
  • The Duchess of Cambridge does not want to be compared to the future sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's fiancée. Therefore, he decided to change his style and show who really has power in court.
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