Kate Middleton pregnant for the third time? Suspicions are growing

Kate Middleton pregnant for the third time? Suspicions are growing

The Duchess did not go to one of the most important charity events of the year without giving any explanation. The only possible justification is that it is pregnant

Kate Middleton, the secrets of her pregnancies

Is Kate Middleton expecting the third royal baby? The rumors about the new pregnancy continue to become more insistent. The hypothesis that the Duchess of Cambridge is still pregnant is fueled by the unsuspected behavior she has had towards the Norfolk orphanage of which she is godmother.

According to what was reported by the gossip site, celebdirtylaundry.com, at the last moment Kate would have deserted a gala event to raise funds for the orphans. A decision that left everyone stunned. Also because Lady Middleton did not give any explanation of her absence. So he left singer Ed Sheeran alone to take care of everything. Only at the end of the evening did he send a personal ticket in which he thanked the participants for their solidarity.

This ambiguous attitude immediately triggered the rumors of an alleged third pregnancy. Only on the occasion of the two previous sweet waits, Kate had canceled such important events. Not only that, the fact that the event was organized at the Museum of Natural History in London, of which she is godmother, further suspected the British tabloids for whom "motherhood is certain".

The reason for his absence at such an important appointment is inexplicable, especially considering that in recent times Kate has been very busy.

Obviously everything is silent from Palazzo and no official communication has arrived. What is certain is that if Lady Middleton continues to miss her appointments, the suspicion that the third stork is traveling increases considerably.

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