Kate Middleton pregnant? It is open war with Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton pregnant? It is open war with Queen Elizabeth

The Duchess of Cambridge would immediately like another child, she would have already gone on a diet. But the Sovereign is strongly opposed

Kate Middleton and her relationship with Queen Elizabeth

A new cause for tension has arisen between Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband would soon like a third child, apparently they are already preparing for the third pregnancy. On the other hand, the happy news has been waiting for almost a year, there was even talk of a sweet twin expectation some time ago.

According to rumors from Diva and Donna, Kate is ready for a new pregnancy and for this she has undergone a particular diet. In this way, he would avoid gaining too much weight. However, it seems that this time the Sovereign does not agree on the arrival of the third grandchild.

In fact, she would have decided to give more space to Will and consort, who even went to Holland alone, to raise the image of the monarchy. Despite scandals like Harry's alleged paternity. However, Elizabeth's strategy would be hindered enormously by another pregnancy of her granddaughter, especially the latter still suffering from severe nausea.

According to British media, a very tense atmosphere has been created inside Buckingham Palace, almost an open war between the Queen and her granddaughter. Although Kate has always had words of gratitude to Will's grandmother, she has never endured his meddling. It is no coincidence that he preferred to leave London to move to the countryside, officially to keep his children away from the paparazzi, more likely to move away from Elizabeth's pressure.

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