Kate Middleton pregnant with the second child. The confirmation of the friend

Kate Middleton pregnant with the second child. The confirmation of the friend

Kate Middleton between children, scandals, gossip, looks and …

Kate Middleton would be pregnant again. The rumor has been circulating for months, some time ago the tabloid newspapers had claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant even with twins. Now, however, the rumors of a new pregnancy are becoming more insistent and this time talking is a much more reliable source.

In fact, to confirm the state of Kate is Jessica Hay who in November 2012, therefore long before the official announcement, revealed to the world the first pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate's former partner told the Australian magazine New Day, later taken up by some gossip sites: "From Kate's entourage it is a unique buzz about the fact that she is pregnant again and hearing several friends of the couple, everyone has me confirmed to be convinced that the announcement can arrive in a few weeks ".

The third month is expected to be formalized. For the first pregnancy it was not possible, because the Duchess suffered from severe nausea and was forced to hospitalization. Now, however, it appears that Kate's health is more stable and advance announcements should not be needed. Hay further specified that this time for official confirmation, "they want to wait for the right time, even if the signs of the new motherhood are already starting to get noticed, because Kate has the same full face as when she was waiting for George and is no longer covering gray hair. Not only that, he also changed his hairstyle, probably to hide the rounder face, and every time he appears in public, he does everything to keep something on his stomach, so as to cover it ".

The news is spreading almost a year after the birth of little George (22 July 2013) for whose birthday a big party is being organized.

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