Kate Middleton pregnant with twins: the revelations of a reliable source

Kate Middleton pregnant with twins: the revelations of a reliable source

The Duchess of Cambridge would wait for two identical girls. Carole and Pippa Middleton would already know everything. And Kate is getting ready for a home birth

Kate Middleton pregnant, the third pregnancy

Kate Middleton, pregnant for the third time, would wait for twins or rather twins (and already in suspicious times someone said it). The English press is sure of this, since a reliable source inside the Palace has revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with two identical girls. Will and Kate are delighted even if surprised by the double pregnancy. Carole and Pippa Middleton, respectively Kate's mom and sister, were the first to hear about the good news.

Meanwhile, the Dukes of Cambridge are selecting names for future royal babies. Among the most eligible are Alice, Victoria, Olivia, Alexandra and of course Elizabeth, in homage to the Queen.

It also appears that the birth is scheduled for March 28 and not for early April as officially announced. After the birth of the twins, the extended family will continue to live in Kensington Palace in London, where two bedrooms are already being set up, one for each of the two girls. While the twins will share the same playroom with George and Charlotte, to create a good bond between the brothers.

Among other things, Lady Middleton is seriously thinking of giving birth at the Palace, rather than in the hospital. A possibility that she had already considered during the two previous pregnancies, but the doctors had advised her to face the delicate moment in an equipped facility, given that the Duchess had suffered from pregnancy hyperemesis which also occurred this time. George and Charlotte thus saw the light at Saint Mary's Hospital, where William and Harry were also born. On the other hand, Kate never had problems during the parties, so it is not excluded that for the twins she stays at home where privacy is best guaranteed.

Kate's twin pregnancy would be a hoax: the confirmation from a source close to Palazzo.

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