Kate Middleton replaces the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton replaces the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton wears the tailored dress and is the mistress of the Palace instead of Elizabeth. She doesn't make mistakes but she is cold

Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace with the tailored dress

Kate Middleton and William try their hand at Buckingham Palace where they received Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife Olena in the opulent throne room.

Ditching her scout jeans and checkered coat, Lady Middleton showed up at the first court hearing after the lockdown in a formal blue dress by Emilia Wickstead. V-neck just mentioned, belt at the waist in the same fabric as the dress, long sleeves, knee-length skirt: in short, everything according to the protocol and respecting the style of Her Majesty who loves colored dresses. Among other things, the Duchess of Cambridge had it made to measure, choosing a model suited to her. In fact, in his wardrobe we find similar models, made by the same brand.

Kate scrupulously adheres to the Palazzo dress code and wears flesh-colored tights and her beloved décolletée in powder pink suede. An outfit, no doubt about it, bon ton, even if not particularly bright. But basically the Duchess does not want to risk appearing too original or extravagant, especially when she does the honors in place of Queen Elizabeth who at 94 and in full health emergency decided to limit public commitments, preferring to reside at Windsor Castle instead of in London.

Thus, Kate proves that she is ready in her next role as Queen consort. She smiles and entertains her guests, sitting next to her husband, with whom she maintains a formal detachment as is appropriate in these circumstances, does not cross or cross her legs at all and keeps her hands clasped in her lap to avoid embarrassment. This time in fact she does not have the clutch to save her. So Kate has to make do and, evidently not knowing where to put her hands, decides to weave them in front of her for the whole interview. A small uncertainty that has always worried the Duchess.

For her part, the Ukrainian First Lady wears an equally formal white suit with a skirt that reaches almost to the ankles. The meeting between the two couples took place in the best possible way, following the protocol to the letter. No one wore the mask but they respected the distances and didn't shake hands.

Kate Middleton therefore makes no mistakes, but she and William are so careful with the procedures that they are rather cold and impersonal, almost plastered, as if everything were frozen.

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