Kate Middleton, revealed the real reason she was absent at Meghan's Baby Shower

Kate Middleton, revealed the real reason she was absent at Meghan's Baby Shower

Why didn't Kate Middleton show up at Meghan Markle's Baby Shower? The mystery was (finally) revealed

Why didn't Kate Middleton attend Meghan Markle's Baby Shower?

Insistently, the royal watchers who noticed (impossible not to do so) the notable absence of the Duchess of Cambridge at the party organized for the arrival of the eldest son of the former actress of Suits and Harry. The party took place in New York and to achieve it Meghan spared no expense, wasting the beauty of $ 500,000. What was supposed to be an intimate party turned into a parade of stars.

Far from the rigid royal label, Meghan had fun with her best friends: actress Abigail Spencer, stylist Jessica Mulroney, champion Serena William and Amal Clooney. Great absent at the party, Kate Middleton, who deserted the Baby Shower, taking refuge in the French Alps with the whole family.

As revealed by the Sun, Kate had known for some time that Meghan was planning a party for the arrival of her first child and was certain that the party would spark heated controversy. Precisely for this reason it would have been a good idea to organize a weekend together with the whole family in a secret mountain resort. In this way the Duchess of Cambridge would have been able to decline the invitation of the sister-in-law without offending her, but leaving the scene with style.

In short: as Palazzo sources reveal, Kate would have predicted trouble coming and for this it would have prepared a convenient escape route to avoid getting involved in yet another scandal caused by Harry's wife. The crazy expenses for the Baby Shower on the other hand have not only outraged his majesty's subjects, but also Queen Elizabeth herself, who would have asked for explanations from her nephew and his wife.

Meghan is anything but willing to give up her Hollywood lifestyle that does not seem to fit with Kate's, always careful to respect the label and carry on "the art of saving and recycling" following in the footsteps of Elizabeth . Better then a low-cost trip (within the limits of the Royal Family) in the mountains with the family than a sparkling party of thousands of dollars. The umpteenth demonstration that the two sister-in-law – enemy or not – are all too different from one another.

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