Kate Middleton, space blazer to copy and the suspicions of pregnancy

Kate Middleton is back in public after months in a jacket and pants. And new clues to the fourth pregnancy emerge

Kate Middleton at Euro 2020: memorable blazer and despair with George

Kate Middleton is back in public after months of absence with a superlative look: a split consisting of a light jacket and blue palazzo pants. But the suspicions of a fourth pregnancy do not subside, indeed there are other clear indications that the expectation is highly probable.

The Duchess of Cambridge, as is known, met the civilian and military personnel who helped evacuate the Afghans after the Taliban took the country. Kate arrived by helicopter at RAF Brize Norton and chatted with some of the people in attendance.

Double-breasted blazer

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Lady Middleton appeared in an excellent mood and smiling. For the occasion, she chose a more comfortable outfit with trousers, rather than a dress or skirt that could have caused her problems with the helicopter. So, Kate chose for her return to work a light double-breasted jacket, signed Reiss, for 285 pounds (about 334 euros), which she wore strictly open. He paired the blazer with a white Jane blouse, for 440 pounds (around 516 euros), coordinating it with a pair of very soft navy blue palazzo trousers and a leather belt of the same color.

The Duchess has abandoned her beloved clutches, opting for a beige mini bag, signed Holly, in perfect color with the blazer, costing 295 pounds (approximately € 345.40). The perfect working girl look, which all of us could copy, is just as effective if you want to hide some small roundness.

It may be just a coincidence, but Kate does not fasten the jacket that closed it could be too tight at the waist, she chooses soft wide pants rather than a cigarette with a low waist, the t-shirt reimbursed so that the folds create an effect I see I do not see . The Duchess then often covers her belly with her handbag, a gesture we have often seen her do during previous pregnancies. And finally choose the more stable wide heels, rather than the thin ones. And she was caught protecting her belly with her hand.

Also, Kate seems to have favored large volumes lately. No Cambridge photos were leaked at her brother James’ wedding but a witness stated that Lady Middleton wore a long green dress and in a paparazzi photo escorting Charlotte and George to school she wore a long, voluminous duster.

Royal affairs experts say a fourth pregnancy is highly likely, not least because the Duchess will turn 40 next January. On the other hand, not everyone agrees on the sweet expectation.

Commentator Nick Bullen told Us Weekly: “A couple of weeks ago I was having lunch with someone who knows both of them. [William e Kate] very very good. “And they are really focused on their work for the next 12 months.” According to the expert next year the Cambridge have as their main goal to support the Queen on the 70th anniversary of her reign and will not have time for another child.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

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