Kate Middleton spends more on George's education than Charlotte's

Kate Middleton, the plan for her children (in Diana's footsteps)

Princess Charlotte will attend the same exclusive school as her brother George, but Kate and William will spend less on her

In September the bell rings for all the children of the world, including the children of the Royal Family, ready to face a new school year.

Thursday, September 5, the doors of the schools in the United Kingdom are re-opened, and for Kate and William it will be a truly special moment: that of the first day of elementary school of their little Charlotte.

The princess, having left the nursery school in Willcocks in Kensington, will reach her older brother George this year in the stalls of the exclusive Thomas ’Battersea elementary school in south-east London.

An obviously very prestigious school, which offers a cutting-edge education that, in addition to traditional subjects, also includes the study of a second language, that of computer science with the learning of algorithms and many other extra activities, including ballet that so much the prince George likes.

A school like this, no wonder, provides a very salty line, but William and Kate will be able to take advantage of a discount on Charlotte's enrollment as their first child already attends the prestigious institute.

The dukes of Cambridge will therefore spend £ 6,429 each quarter for George and sun (so to speak) £ 6,305 for Princess Charlotte. If Kate and William decide to have Thomas ’Battersea go to the little Louis, they would pay even less for him, about £ 5,790.

Installment aside, there is certainly great excitement at Kensington Palace for the first day of Charlotte's elementary school. According to real sources, the princess is looking forward to joining her brother in the new school and Prince George, who with Charlotte is always very united and protective, will be the best guide in the new institute for his younger sister.

The emotion obviously involves the princess's parents, who will accompany the child to Thomas ’Battersea next Thursday. A spokesman for the building has indeed confirmed: "Princess Charlotte, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George, will attend her first day of school at Thomas' Battersea on Thursday 5 September".

Kate, therefore, will finally enjoy her daughter's first day of elementary school, having had to give up living the same emotion with George. At that time, in fact, the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with her third son Louis and locked up at home due to very strong morning sickness. Thursday, on the other hand, will be at the side of his second daughter, on such an important day for her growth.

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