Kate Middleton, strict mother: the rules she imposes on children

Kate Middleton, strict mother: the rules she imposes on children

Kate Middleton reveals her severity: here are the strict rules that she gave to little George, Charlotte and Louis

Perfect and impeccable between court commitments and family duties, Kate Middleton has always proven to be a very caring and attentive mother to little George, Charlotte and Louis.

Especially in this particular period, during which the Dukes of Cambridge and the little ones are spending their days in their home in Norfolk, the estate of Anmer Hall, Kate Middleton is proving to be very strict with her children.

According to the real expert Katie Nicholl, the Duchess does not want to let George, Charlotte and Louis use electronic devices, such as tablets or mobile phones: Okay! revealed that Middleton instead plans to encourage her children's creativity during this block.

Kate would like to channel her children's activities towards painting and manual jobs, totally eliminating all types of TVs and screens: she is usually very strict on the time to spend with technology, reducing them to a minimum.

The royal expert also explained that this period the splendid Anmer Hall estate is perfect for George, Charlotte and Louis: surrounded by greenery, it is proving to be a great opportunity for children, who can spend a lot of time outdoors and in contact with nature.

"They have climbing frames, swings and a pond and each of the children is responsible for their own small area in the garden," said Nicholl.

The Royal Family in the meantime is preparing for Prince Louis' second birthday, scheduled for April 23: despite current restrictions, Kate and William will do everything they can to make this day fantastic. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are said to be creating packages and gifts for their little brother with their mother during the manual chores sessions.

The Duchess of Cambridge firmly believes that spending time outdoors plays a key role in children's health and happiness, building lifelong bases, which is why she encourages her children to carry out activities in the midst of nature.

Kate Middleton is also dedicating herself to George and Charlotte's homeschooling, thus organizing the time between study and fun. And like any mother, the Duchess is savoring these moments with her children, trying to entertain and distract them.

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