Kate Middleton strict mother, the rules she imposes on her children

Kate Middleton strict mother, the rules she imposes on her children

Always graceful and calm in public, Kate Middleton has strict rules when it comes to children

Always elegant and quiet in public, Kate Middleton approaches motherhood in a very different way in private. Despite the weight of the many daily commitments as Duke and Duchess, William and Kate have decided to hire only one nanny. This is a clear sign that the couple is committed to full-time parenting for their three children, George, who is now 7, Charlotte, 5 and Louis, the youngest, just 2 years old.

When it comes to disciplining and scolding the little Royals, no line of succession to the throne can stop the 38-year-old from putting a stop to her little ones.

In an interview with People, a source close to Kate provided interesting details on how the Duchess behaves in everyday life, behind closed doors. The insider confided that the life of the Dukes unfold in the most normal way possible, despite their titles and their position:

It's a normal busy family, with kids running around everywhere and throwing anything on the ground.

The revelations continue on Kate's methods as a mom:

When you see her with the children behind closed doors, away from the spotlight, you immediately notice that she is a confident mother, the children cannot tease her easily. Kate easily scolds them if they have a tantrum or misbehave.

The stances of Kate and William are not limited to the pranks of their children. Royal insider Katie Nicholl confided in OK! Magazine that the couple has strict rules when it comes to allowing children to watch TV: they allow them to watch it from time to time, but without ever exaggerating and rather encourage them to play outdoors.

In 2017, Prince William told BBC Radio 1 that his son George was a huge fan of Peppa Pig before he got hooked on Fireman Sam. Joking with the presenter, he confessed:

You have to make him believe that you are really interested in the cartoon he likes, otherwise George gets sad if you don't show affection towards his favorite characters

Kate, for her part, recently confessed that she often feels a sense of guilt towards her children. During her participation in the podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher, Kate admitted that she suffers from a sense of guilt towards her children, who notice and take advantage of it, as George and Charlotte showed her that very morning. telling her:

Mommy, how can you drop us off at school today?

In short, little George, Charlotte and Louis seem like children just like everyone else, just like Prince William and Kate have the same behaviors, anxieties and fears of any other parent.

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