Kate Middleton surpasses herself: new hairstyle and 32 euro pants

Kate Middleton surpasses herself: new hairstyle and 32 euro pants

Kate Middleton is back in public more radiant than ever: new hairstyle, 32 euro look and setback to protocol: fourth pregnancy in sight?

Kate Middleton dares with 32 euro pants and sneakers

Kate Middleton is back in public and is more radiant than ever. Any good news in sight? To tell the truth, the slender figure does not let us glimpse any roundness that could suggest a pregnancy in progress. The fact is that the Duchess showed up with a new haircut, usually a sign of something that's brewing.

But let's proceed in order. Kate Middleton met a group of parents at London's Battersea Park. For the occasion, William's wife wore a casual and simple look: a white t-shirt paired with a pair of pink trousers, by M&S, for 32 euros, recycled. While on his feet he wore a pair of white Superga, one of his favorite sneakers. To complete the look, a steel watch on the left wrist, a rigid yellow gold bracelet on the right, a thin chain around the neck and a small pair of earrings. Of course, the inevitable engagement ring, which belonged to Lady Diana.

Purse-less, Lady Middleton kept her hands busy with a pair of sunglasses she never actually wore, at least as long as she was in conversation with mothers and fathers.

Kate arrived at the meeting and chatted with some parents and their children without a mask, since the event took place outdoors and respecting social distancing. Lady Middleton appeared particularly relaxed and smiling, perhaps happy to be able to enjoy a sunny autumn day at the park, a place she particularly loves. And keep thoughts of Harry and Meghan Markle away. Unlike usual, the Duchess did not scrupulously follow the protocol, crossing her legs while sitting on a bench, as if she were at a meeting between friends.

So much relaxation and spontaneity did not go unnoticed. If we add that William's wife has presented herself with a new hairstyle, many have wondered if the announcement of the fourth pregnancy will really arrive before the end of the year (even if it is more likely that Eugenia of York will beat her on the time). In fact, every time the Duchess of Cambridge got pregnant, she changed something about her hair. This time, she showed up with straightened hair, sculpted curls on the tips and a hint of a side tuft.

Needless to say, the fresh and youthful look and the renewed hair give a lot to Kate who this time outdoes herself, forgiving herself for the bon ton floral dress worn for a visit to a London pastry shop with her husband.

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