Kate Middleton surpasses herself with the € 3,485 white coat

Kate Middleton surpasses herself with the € 3,485 white coat

Kate Middleton leaves you breathless with the new coat worth over 3 thousand euros. And he exchanges a tender glance with William at Westminster where they got married

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Kate Middleton and William return to show themselves in public in a joint event at Westminster Abbey transformed into an anti-Covid vaccination center. And the Duchess of Cambridge demonstrates her great style by wearing a cream-colored coat that is a charm, signed by Catherine Walker, a strictly British brand.

Kate Middleton walked down the aisle of the church walking side by side with her husband and gave him a supportive smile – evident behind the mask -, a very tender, almost affectionate gesture. It is extremely rare for the Duchess to express her feelings in public, especially towards William, always preferring to maintain a formal and detached attitude. Evidently the couple has been severely tested by the recent events that have hit the Royal Family, from the later denied revelations of Meghan Markle and Harry to the long hospitalization of Prince Philip. Problems that add to a dramatic world situation with the ongoing pandemic.

Therefore, Kate's smile has a high value, even symbolic, and demonstrates the solidity and maturity of the couple, aware that in the future all the weight of the responsibilities of the Kingdom will be on their shoulders.

Lady Middleton, however, captured the attention not only for this gesture of affection but also for the perfect look of extreme elegance that she showed off in this highly representative situation.

Kate then walked down the same aisle on her wedding day, April 29, 2011, again dressed in white, but this time in less happy circumstances. Back then she wore the magnificent wedding dress, created for her by Alexander McQueen, now sports a refined white coat, or rather cream, in wool, with a rounded collar and without lapels, decorated with a delicate floral lace. This is the Valeria model, made by one of his favorite brands, Catherine Walker. Cost? 3000 pounds, about 3,485 euros.

The outerwear is new, never worn before, a real exception in recent months in which, also for lockdown reasons, Lady Middleton has wisely recycled her most beautiful looks.

Kate completed her look with a pair of stiletto heels, tan, by Jimmy Choo, and a matching clutch by Metier London. The hair left to fall on the shoulders is styled in a semi-collected, really bon ton, which allows you to highlight the drop pearl earrings, created by the British designer Annoushka Ducas.

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If Lady Middleton left everyone breathless for this new and precious outfit, William opted for a more traditional blue suit. Both of course wore masks, but unlike other occasions in which Kate showed herself with customized models, matching the look, she preferred the traditional surgical version, more neutral and sober.

The couple observed a minute of silence in front of the chapel of St Edward the Confessor. Will lit a candle and Kate placed a bouquet of daffodils. The Dukes of Cambridge spoke to some of the medical staff involved in the vaccination program and listened to some people who have already received the vaccine.

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Kate Middleton and William in Westminster

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