Kate Middleton surprises with the dream jacket we all should have

Kate Middleton sorprende con la giacca da sogno che tutte dovremmo avere

Kate Middleton is back in public: recycle the tweed jacket worn 4 years ago and conquer everyone with a feminine look

Kate Middleton returns to the public, connecting on video from the living room of the Sandringham estate, and conquers everyone with the tweed jacket that we all should have in the closet.

After several days of silence, Kate finally returns to court commitments to say thanks to the teachers. The Duchess of Cambridge connected via video call with a group of teachers from a County Durham school for Children's Mental Health Week.

Lady Middleton showed up in front of the cameras in a stunning light blue tweed jacket with a rounded neckline, designed by Rebecca Taylor, a New Zealand designer. Cost? 398 pounds, about 455 euros. It is a garment as refined as it is versatile that can be worn with everything from classic cigarette trousers to jeans, an essential outerwear because it can transform even the most informal look into elegant.

It's not the first time we've seen Kate wearing this jacket. I showed it for the first time in 2017 when he visited Evelina London Children's Hospital.

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Unlike the other appointments on video, Lady Middleton this time opted for a more bon ton jacket, with a decidedly more feminine cut than the blazers she had accustomed us to seeing. The hair is also pulled back, rather than worn long and very smooth over the shoulders. A change of style to emphasize her role as a mother, rather than as a working woman as in the case of the other meetings where Kate has adopted an image of a modern working girl, following the style of Letizia di Spagna and taking inspiration as regards the hairstyle , to Meghan Markle.

This time, however, he wanted to emphasize the sweetest and most maternal trait of himself, and therefore, in a certain sense, more feminine. Hence the choice of the short and fitted jacket, distinct and chic, as a perfect Lady. The jewelry is also kept to a minimum, just a small pair of gold earrings. As for the make-up, the Duchess follows her style, focusing on the eyes with brown shades, on the soft lipstick, while the blush is perhaps too insistent on the cheeks.

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared as always in a great mood and smiling and chatted with individual teachers, talking about how difficult it was during the pandemic to help children and their families. Some time ago, even Kate admitted that she was exhausted from having to take care of her children completely, reconciling her work commitments with the needs of George, Charlotte and Louis.

Kate connected to the school via pc, in one of the staterooms at Sandringham House, the Queen lent her home to her grandchildren as a base for their virtual events. Lady Middleton is seated on an elegant soft green sofa, adorned with white cushions with plant decorations. On the period furniture behind it, you can see the family photos, while every empty space is filled with lush plants.

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