Kate Middleton, the announcement of the fourth pregnancy could be close

Kate Middleton, the announcement of the fourth pregnancy could be close

Kate Middleton could be pregnant with her fourth child. British court and media experts are convinced of this and identify the signs of expectation

Kate Middleton and William ready to replace Meghan and Harry

Kate Middleton pregnant for the fourth time? Many, including experts in real matters, bettors, media and simple subjects, are convinced that the Duchess of Cambridge could surprise the world with the announcement of her fourth pregnancy next year.

Kate Middleton and William could therefore seriously expand the family with the arrival of another baby, after George, Charlotte and Louis, although the last few months have been very difficult for the Dukes who have had to face the weight of the separation of Meghan Markle and Harry from the court, with consequent poisonous aftermath like the revelations of the biography Finding Freedom, which had to rule the Monarchy during the pandemic and Charles' illness, which had to overcome the scandals of Prince Andrew.

After all, another royal baby would only bring joy, especially for Kate who loves being a mother, as she herself has repeatedly stated. Moreover, in recent times the British media have returned to the office with the question of "Kate's pregnancy". There was a return to talk about her ailments during the first months of expectation, such as hyperemesis gravidarum, and several Royal Family experts analyzed the behavior of Will and Kate as parents.

In particular, Victoria Abiter has again underlined how the way of the Dukes of Cambridge to address their children is very similar to that of Lady Diana. "I think William and Kate have modeled Diana and will do everything to ensure a normal childhood for their children, while at the same time working behind the scenes to prepare them for their role at Court", especially with regard to George, the eldest son. of the couple, destined to become King.

In the past, Kate has left several clues that heralded her pregnancy, including the way she wore her hair. At the beginning of the three sweet waits, Lady Middleton has in fact changed her hairstyle, minimal changes but which somehow indicated that something was happening. And in fact, William's wife recently enjoyed showing herself with different hairstyles, exaggerating with curls or presenting herself very smooth. Another unequivocal proof is the refusal to drink alcohol during official events.

Rumors about Kate's pregnancy became insistent after the Duchess participated in the podcast "Happy mum, happy baby" where she talked about being a mother and the feelings of guilt that all mothers have towards their children.

It is the belief of many that the good news is near. And if it were not the Dukes of Cambridge to give it, the British media and most of the common people, as reported by the Express, are convinced that Beatrice or Eugenia of York will become mothers by 2021.

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