Kate Middleton, the detail of the new necklace that did not go unnoticed

Kate Middleton, the detail of the new necklace that did not go unnoticed

Kate Middleton showed off a new necklace at Battersea Park: a chain with the initials of the three children, a detail that has not escaped

Kate Middleton dares with 32 euro pants and sneakers

Kate Middleton met a group of parents at Battersea Park and for the occasion she showed off a new necklace whose detail did not go unnoticed.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a gold chain around her neck, created by designer Hayley Jones, with three small round medals that she personalized by engraving on each of them the initials of her children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Cost of the jewel? 85 pounds, or about 93 euros.

Kate combined the new jewel with a casual look, ideal for a meeting in the park: white t-shirt, 32 euro recycled pink pants and a pair of white Superga shoes. Therefore, a simple outfit that is well suited to the minimal line of the chain which, however, has a great emotional value for Lady Middleton. Indeed, William's wife was somehow able to take her three children with her.

It is not the first time that Kate, a tender mother, has brought her three children close to her heart when she is physically away from them for work reasons. So at the beginning of the year she showed off a necklace by Daniella Draper, with a decidedly more expensive cost, 1,070 pounds, also personalized with the initials of George, Charlotte and Louis.

While in 2014 she was photographed with another necklace on which medal was engraved the full name of her eldest son, George Alexander Louis, and a heart-shaped pendant with the letter "W", in honor of her husband William.

In her latest public outing, Kate looked in a great mood and in better shape than ever. On the other hand, she showed herself with a new hairstyle, a sign that there could be a sweet expectation in sight. And the necklace with the children's initials only reaffirms how much you love being a mother.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton – Source: Getty Images

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