Kate Middleton, the € 11 magic brush for perfect hair

Kate Middleton’s secret trick for voluminous and soft hair is an 11 euro detangling brush

Kate Middleton in gold at the James Bond premiere: it’s a vision

Kate Middleton uses a detangling brush that costs 10 pounds (11.70 euros) to add volume and remove frizz from her hair. And the credit goes to his personal hair stylist, Richard Ward, inventor of the miraculous tool.

Kate Middleton, the magic brush


Tangle Angel

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One of Kate Middleton’s strengths is definitely her hair: full-bodied, abundant, bright, never out of place, never frizzy. And the secret lies in a brush that we can all afford. It is called Tangle Angel, has the curious shape of two angel wings, and was created by Richard Ward in 2016.

Ward has been caring for Kate Middleton’s hair since she married William in 2011. Before that, the Duchess of Cambridge did her own hair, did her own makeup. Not surprisingly, even her bridal make-up was the result of DIY. But hair is another thing.

Kate knows that the hairstyle defines the personality and style of the wearer. Unkempt and abused hair is neglected, putting one’s image at risk. If this principle has been clear to her since her entry into the Royal Family, after 10 years of public outings and banquets at the Palace, Will’s wife has become a real expert in beauty tricks. Like the 7 euro pantyhose to withstand high heels.

Kate Middleton’s hairstyles

As proof of this, just think of the beauty look worn by Kate at the premiere of No Time to Die where she did not hesitate to use false eyelashes, glitter, highlighter and peach-colored blush. But above all it was impossible not to be enchanted by the hairstyle. A cotton crop, in Bond Girl style like all the gold look of the Duchess, where the locks were twisted into many small roses.

If that hairstyle is the fruit of the expert hands of Ward and his assistants, certainly a lot has gone into Kate’s constant care for her hair, aided by the magic brush.

Ward’s other creation for Kate Middleton is ringlets. The Duchess of Cambridge always wore her hair long, except in the period of three pregnancies when she always cut her hair at least to the shoulders, and structured waves are one of her distinguishing features.

Kate Middleton, who is Richard Ward

Richard Ward moved to London when he was just 17 where he started working as an apprentice hairdresser. Today it has a salon that boasts 90 assistants who look after around 1000 clients per week.

He has always been the hair stylist of the Duchess of Cambridge, inventor of the miraculous brush and other indispensable tools for perfect hair. Provides advice on how to use the hair dryer at not too high temperatures and how to remove the curlers with the right rotation to get the Kate effect.

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