Kate Middleton, the € 1,311 fuchsia dress makes Jill Biden's blazer pale

Kate Middleton, the € 1,311 fuchsia dress makes Jill Biden's blazer pale

Kate Middleton and Jill Biden meet for the first time and both choose a fuchsia look. And the Duchess's sheath dress overshadows the First Lady

Kate Middleton challenges Jill Biden with the fuchsia sheath dress

Kate Middleton and Jill Biden met for the first time in Cornwall, during the US President's state trip to Great Britain for the G7. And they proved to be in perfect harmony, even in the choice of coordinated looks where fuchsia dominates.

Kate Middleton wore for the first time a midi dress, fuchsia in fact, by Alexander McQueen, her favorite brand for more formal appointments, starting from her wedding to the baptism of three children and the gala evening at Buckingham Palace.

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The sheath dress chosen by the Duchess of Cambridge is minimal and bon ton: short sleeves, round neckline, chaste and gathered, ton sur ton fabric belt and long skirt down to below the knee. Cost? 1,125 pounds, or about 1,311 euros. Kate pairs the dress of feminine power with a small pale pink handbag, by LK Bennett, for 262 euros.

Perfectly coordinated with Lady Middleton's outfit, Jill Biden's outfit. For her too, the choice falls on fuchsia, the color that symbolizes feminine strength. The First Lady in fact chose a bright pink blazer, signed by Lagence Fashion, which she combined with a white dress with a flared skirt. Jackets are a highlight of Dr. Jill's wardrobe on this first visit to Britain. The double-breasted blue blazer she wore on her arrival is a must have.

The two women met to visit a school in Cornwall and during the meeting they talked about issues that are very dear to them, such as women's empowerment, childhood, primary education.

Kate Middleton has proved to be a perfect hostess and as with Michelle Obama she has shown that she lives up to the role that will be due to her as future Queen consort. On the other hand, William's wife learned a lot from Elizabeth, starting with how to communicate with the look. Alexander McQueen's silk dress was customized especially for Kate. Made in Italy, the skirt has been lengthened and a sixties-style belt has been added.

The dress chosen by the Duchess, which is already sold out, was defined as perfect for a first meeting. Fuchsia then symbolizes feminine power, stronger than pink but less aggressive than red. Kate recently wore another bright pink dress during her tour of Scotland, promptly replicated by Letizia of Spain who lately shows a fondness for this color.

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