Kate Middleton, the exclusive birthday party: without the Queen

Kate Middleton, the exclusive birthday party: without the Queen

William has organized an exclusive tea party for his wife Kate Middleton's 39th birthday. Only he and his three children attended

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On January 9, 2021, Kate Middleton turned 39. William organized an exclusive tea party for her, so small as to exclude Queen Elizabeth who, in any case, would not have been able to reach her grandchildren due to the anti-contagion regulations in force in the United Kingdom.

On the occasion of her birthday, Kate used to organize a weekend in Norfolk, at Anmer Hall, her country house, where she invited some of her closest friends to celebrate together. This year, extended parties are not possible, even Elisabetta has canceled all garden parties in 2021, and therefore even Lady Middleton has had to give up the company of her friends.

William, however, as a caring husband, despite the rumors about an alleged mistress, found a way to make his wife spend a pleasant day, organizing a tea party with his children, George, Charlotte and Louis. While the other members of the Royal Family only virtually celebrated the Duchess of Cambridge, sending their greetings messages via social media.

First of all the Sovereign, who this weekend underwent the vaccination against Covid, demonstrating her affection for Kate with a photo posted on Twitter dating back to the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019 in which the Duchess illustrated her garden to the Queen. While Carlo and Camilla shared a portrait of Lady Middleton where she looks particularly smiling and elegant wearing the £ 29.50 Mark & ​​Spencer's pink pants last year.

For her part, the Duchess of Cambridge thanked everyone with a message on Twitter, reiterating how different birthdays are in this period and thanking all those who are working during the pandemic.

In any case, Kate's birthday passed peacefully, much longer than last year. In fact, at the very beginning of January Harry and Meghan Markle had decided to leave the Royal Family and England to move permanently to America. It was a severe blow to the Monarchy and despite all the efforts of the Queen, Charles and William, the Sussexes did not change their minds, as is well known.

Kate and her family took the blow and her birthday was clouded by the news that it made Buckingham Palace seriously shake.

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