Kate Middleton, the fake shirt is a hit. And she insists on the fourth pregnancy

Kate Middleton, la finta camicia è un successo. E lei insiste sulla quarta gravidanza

Kate Middleton is ready for her fourth pregnancy: the signs are evident. Starting with the working mom look and the new hairstyle

Kate Middleton does not stop with her Court commitments, always at the forefront in support of the weakest categories and especially children. So, while the whole world is focused on Meghan Markle's second pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge reappears in video and shows off one of her working mom minimal looks. She is ready for the fourth pregnancy and there are signs.

In fact, Kate appeared in the video with a "fake" white shirt, signed L.K. Bennett, from 125 pounds, about 144 euros. It is actually a shirt with a shirt collar, decorated with black stitching and 6 buttons on the décolleté. A simple and versatile garment, very useful to have in the wardrobe, especially in this period of smart working where it is necessary to maintain an office look but which must at the same time be comfortable and easily washable and ironable.

Among other things, the shirt has the advantage of being very feminine thanks to the gathering on the shoulders that creates a small puff. And after all, Kate really wants to spread her support as a mother to women who have found themselves in extreme difficulty in managing their children in this pandemic period with her presence on video. In fact, the Duchess virtually met a little "princess", Isla. Kate greeted her like this: "Hi Isla, you are very pretty, I love your headband". And the little girl replied: “Today I'm a princess, it's snowing outside”.

Isla's mom is a single parent and she shared her experience with Kate: “I didn't know what I was going to do, where I was going. I thought: he's my first child, I'm so scared ”. Her midwife helped her and advised her to contact the Little Village association.

The theme of motherhood is very dear to Kate who, after three children, presses on William for the fourth. And there would be several reasons, private and institutional, that would lead her to have another baby. Lady Middleton loves being a mom and it shows. The only statements on her daily life concern the care and management of her three children, the newborns then she really likes them. Therefore, she would be ready to face the fourth pregnancy, although for her the first months have always been very difficult due to the violent nausea.

Then there is a pinch of rivalry against her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, who despite the oceanic distance that separates them, manages to steal the show from all the women of the Royal Family.

But above all, with the fourth pregnancy, Kate would follow in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth who had four children when she was already on the throne. The Duchess of Cambridge would therefore have several reasons for wanting another baby.

That the time is ripe for the sweet expectation is attested by several signs. Kate and William's last child, Louis, was born in 2018, so almost three years have passed. Usually, the Cambridge people have let a similar period pass between one pregnancy and another. Lady Middleton has changed her hairstyle. Now wear your hair very long and straight. Indeed in the last video, she dared with her hair on the side. All three times she got pregnant she changed her hairstyle, even if it was just a simple trim. And finally, the new, more direct, more natural image, closer to other women can be read not only with the need for sobriety in such a difficult moment, but also with the intention of identifying today with the figure of the mother, than with that of future Queen consort.

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