Kate Middleton, the magical anti-wrinkle organic botox costs less than 50 euros

Kate Middleton’s secret to erasing facial wrinkles is an organic botox gel that you can buy online and costs less than 50 euros

Kate Middleton, new bold hairstyle and glitter dress

Kate Middleton will turn 40 on January 9th but there is not even a wrinkle on her face. His secret?

An organic botox serum, in fact a natural version of botox, which can also be easily purchased on Amazon and costs less than 50 euros.

The organic botox gel

Organic Botox Gel You can buy the anti-wrinkle gel that Kate Middleton uses online. Buy on Amazon

Kate Middleton, the secret of her perfect skin costs less than 50 euros

Kate Middleton has shone in the latest gala appointments. When she appeared at the premiere of No Time to Die, the latest film in the James Bond saga, in a gold Jenny Packham dress, she left everyone breathless. Even Daniel Craig complimented her on her beauty, passing over the court protocol and the prohibition of taking certain confidences with members of the Royal Family.

A few weeks later, Kate walked the green carpet for the Earthshot award in her lilac Alexander McQueen dress from 11 years ago, like her perfectly smooth skin without any time marks.

Finally, she charmed everyone at the Royal Variety gala wearing a green glitter dress, also by Jenny Packham, and sporting a new hairdo with exaggerated ringlets (made with her magic brush) that enhanced the perfect face contour, without the shadow of a sagging, high cheekbones, bright and fresh complexion.

It seems that the result of this rejuvenation is due to this special gel, also known as “botox in a bottle”, which the Duchess of Cambridge can no longer do without, at least according to the InStyle website .

Kate Middleton, the organic botox gel

The gel is called Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel and is a German product. It is an organic botox gel that helps keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. The plant-based gel helps reduce muscle contractions and relax facial features. The product would work in 60 minutes and its effects would last for 9 hours, the time needed to attend an event. The gel would be particularly effective for the eye area, but it can be used on any part of the body that needs an anti-aging retouch, as the manufacturer explains. Based on spilanthol, the gel can still be applied several times a day.

Kate Middleton, where to buy and how much does organic botox gel cost

The treatment would have several advantages. As skincare expert Cassandra Bankson explained to InStyle: “This gel contains ingredients that mimic botox, but without the severity of injections.” In addition, it is easily purchased online where it is less than 50 euros.

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