Kate Middleton, the Palace ignores sister Pippa's birthday. The reason

Kate Middleton, the Palace ignores sister Pippa's birthday. The reason

Pippa Middleton has turned 37, but the Royal Family, including Kate, have preferred to avoid publicly greeting her

Kate and Pippa Middleton, sisters in comparison

Pippa Middleton turned 37. Kate's sister celebrated her birthday in total privacy, away from the prying eyes of fans and paparazzi and, above all, in the absolute silence of the members of the Royal Family.

Despite the great popularity of Pippa, who also attracted attention on Kate and William's wedding day, there were no public greetings for her. On the official social profiles of all members of the Royal Family, which on other occasions have been used to send messages and celebrate anniversaries, not even a photo or words of good wishes have appeared on the special day for the younger sister of the Middletons.

In short, for her, probably, there were only demonstrations in private. It is impossible to imagine, in fact, that Kate has forgotten about Pippa: the two sisters are extremely close and have never shown signs of misunderstanding or mutual impatience. In short, theirs is a solid and peaceful relationship that could hardly be shaken.

The decision to avoid public utterances is most likely due to Pippa's decision to get away from worldly life as much as possible. Middleton, being the sister of the wife of the heir to the throne of England, has always been the center of attention of gossip fans. Lately, however, she seems to have grown tired of the constant media attention. The need to protect one's privacy, therefore, would have been felt with arrogance.

A decision, that of Pippa, which leaves everyone speechless, since in the past she has never shown annoyance in showing herself to the paparazzi, far from it. Often, in fact, although without ever damaging her sister's image, she has given interviews, been on the covers of the most popular magazines and participated in charity events that have always placed her in the spotlight. Her nuptials to multi-billionaire James Matthews in May 2017 were also extremely popular, almost as much as Meghan and Harry's, celebrated just a year later.

The desire for more privacy arose after the birth of his son Arthur Michael William. And Kate, along with the entire Royal Family, wanted to respect her sister's will. How did they celebrate in private instead?

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