Kate Middleton, the patterned shirt that drives everyone crazy and costs 163 euros

Kate Middleton relaunches the fashion of the paisley pattern with the psychedelic and colorful shirt, signed by Ralph Lauren

Kate Middleton, the dreamy fuchsia coat and exaggerated curls

Kate Middleton once again dictates the style trend by wearing a paisley patterned shirt, by Ralph Lauren, which costs 139 pounds (around 163 euros).

Kate Middleton therefore presented herself at The World’s Leading Museum Of Art And Design (V&A) in London, of which she is the godmother, to visit the FabergĂ© in London: Romance to Revolution exhibition. As is well known, the Duchess of Cambridge has a degree in art history and is very interested in these issues.

Kate Middleton, Ralph Lauren psychedelic shirt

To be in line with the show, Kate therefore decided to wear a new Ralph Lauren shirt with a retro style, which recalls the atmosphere of the seventies. The blouse proposes the paisley pattern, in shades of red, purple, blue and forest green.

The shirt chosen by Kate, however, has a bon ton detail. In fact, he has a bow around his neck which he keeps tied as if it were a tie. Exactly like Letizia of Spain did a few days ago with the white shirt by Hugo Boss.

The shirt with a bow is also a must have of the Duchess of Cambridge, the famous cyclamen of Gucci that she wore on various occasions and that Melania Trump had too. Moreover, this extremely elegant model was one of the most loved by Lady Diana, which evidently Will’s wife is inspired by.

What is paisley

But what is striking is undoubtedly the imagination. The paisley is a design obtained by depicting the boteh or buta, a drop-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin. These designs spread successfully in the West between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, to return to fashion in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, becoming a symbol of psychedelic culture.

Kate Middleton, i pantaloni Seventies

Kate paired her psychedelic patterned blouse with a pair of blue, high-waisted, foot-length, wide-leg pants on the Seventies style to stay on topic. While a leather belt with a gold buckle enhances the waist. A pair of suede pumps give impetus to the figure.

The hair is gathered in a ponytail that makes the hoop earrings clearly visible, while the pink blush is evident from the dark mask.

Kate Middleton shirt

Kate Middleton

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