Kate Middleton, the phrase about William that the Queen does not like

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Kate Middleton allegedly paid Prince William an unsuitable compliment for court etiquette back in 2006

Kate Middleton and William ready to replace Meghan and Harry

Kate Middleton is now a style icon with an unmistakable class, yet in the past she would have defiled the court etiquette with a direct compliment to William that Queen Elizabeth would not have liked.

According to the tabloid The Mirror, the documentary produced by the True Royalty website called Royal Wives would have hired an employee to decipher Kate Middleton's lip at an event in 2006, more precisely at the graduation of Prince William at the Royal Air Force.
According to this interpreter, the Duchess would have appreciated the look of her future husband, uttering such words:

I love him in uniform, he's so sexy.

It is not yet known who Kate whispered such words to, but according to the British tabloid, the future Duchess was there with her mother and father, Carole and Michael Middleton. If all this had been true, this sentence would not have liked the Queen at all, who has always held a lot to court rules, for which certain compliments could be out of place and inappropriate.

Kate, after all, had to change a lot of herself to please the British court: the girl has transformed from a sports enthusiast to a real refined trend setter, so it would not seem impossible that Middleton said this sentence in the 2006, when she and William were still just dating.

Pressures from outside and from the royal family have made Middleton what she is today, as court expert Victoria Arbiter told The Mirror: “There was intense pressure on William and Kate and everyone wanted them to walk. along the aisle as soon as possible. "

But the couple did not let the heavy expectations bend and after a brief separation during their engagement, Kate and the Prince reunited. In this regard, the Duchess in one of the many documentaries had declared:

We were both very young, he was at university, we were both finding ourselves, also being different characters. Even though I wasn't very happy with the situation at the time, I felt it ultimately made me stronger.

On the other hand, if Kate had ever described William as very attractive in that much talked about public event, beyond all the labels no one could have blamed her, since the Prince was often a slaughter of hearts.

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