Kate Middleton, the pink lipstick everyone wants

Kate Middleton, unveiled her £ 9 million secret treasure

Kate Middleton's neutral toned lipsticks inspired the make-up artists Charlotte Tilbury who created three special glosses for royal makeup

Kate Middleton, the secrets of beauty

Kate Middleton inspired a line of lipsticks, created by the famous British make up artist Charlotte Tilbury. The glosses are made in three shades and their name is a tribute to William's wife and Queen Elizabeth. The first is deep pink, neutral, just like the glosses used by Kate. It is no coincidence that the Duchess was baptized, the second is cherry red and is called The Queen, while the third carmine red is called Legendary Queen.

Kate never gives up lipstick, but always uses neutral, almost transparent shades, which she indifferently wears day and evening. The make-up with delicate shades is extremely chic and has become trendy. Thanks to the products created by Tilbury, now everyone can have a royal look.

As is known, the Duchess of Cambridge must follow a precise protocol that covers all aspects of the look, from the length of the skirts to the color of the hand polish. For this reason Kate has never sported red lips, bright colors are considered vulgar for members of the royal family.

However, Kate has always interpreted the rules of the Court with style, often adding some innovative details that immediately became trendy, such as "neglected manicure". Although, we cannot hide that the last maternity outfits of the third pregnancy have been very disappointing.

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