Kate Middleton, the prophecies of Diana's astrologer for 2021

Kate Middleton, the prophecies of Diana's astrologer for 2021

Sally Morgan, Lady Diana's astrologer, predicts another child for William and Kate. And some concern for the Queen

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Sally Morgan, Lady Diana's trusted astrologer, who predicted the Princess's death in a car accident, the announcement of Meghan Markle's first pregnancy in 2018 and a peaceful marriage for William and Kate Middleton, announces what will happen. to the Royal Family in 2021. And it's not always comforting news.

So these are Sally Morgan's predictions regarding the Windsors, as reported by New Idea magazine.

Kate Middleton and William

“2021 will be a very busy year for William and Kate”. According to the astrologer, the Dukes of Cambridge will have to take on more and more responsibility as Charles and Camilla advance to the throne. In fact, rumors have recently been circulating about a possible abdication of the Queen, but rumors immediately denied by the announcement of the Palace concerning the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee, scheduled for 2022, on the occasion of her 70 years of reign.

However, according to Morgan's forecasts, William and Kate will have a May and a June full of surprises: “An announcement will be made that will bring Kate into the spotlight. It could be another pregnancy. In any case, it is something very important to them ”. In September William will instead receive a prestigious award from the Queen. 2021 will be very complex and positive for them. The only negative note, the relationship with Harry: "It will not improve".

Elisabetta and Filippo

Sally Morgan also reads the future to the Queen and her husband Philip. And it does not hide some concerns. “At the end of 2020 the Queen will have some health problems that will continue into 2021. The family will do everything to keep the secret but hospitalization may be required. But the beginning of next year will see the Queen on the way to recovery ".

According to the astrologer, as reported by New Idea, the Sovereign will encounter some difficulties in March and April, to the point of entrusting Carlo and Camilla with new tasks. But with an official document it will be specified that he does not intend to abdicate. Morgan foresees other troubles for Elisabetta: "I feel that she will be the victim of a fall that will cause her to fracture her hip and left knee, forcing her to hospital treatment. I see the image of a horse connected in this story. Nobody will know anything, as long as someone talks ”.

For Filippo, on the other hand, 2021 will be quite calm, even if in February or March he could have some health problems.

Carlo and Camilla

For Carlo and Camilla, 2021 will be a year full of emotions. "Charles will have more responsibility in the Monarchy, but he will not take the place of the Queen who will not abdicate", Morgan is clear on this point. The astrologer prophesies a health problem for Camilla that will make her lose weight. Precisely this change will force the Duchess of Cornwall to make her problem public but it shouldn't be worrying. 2021 will be full of commitments but very exciting, also because the arrival of a new grandchild will be announced.

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