Kate Middleton, the secret of bags she always carries on the left

Kate Middleton, the secret of bags she always carries on the left

Kate Middleton holds the bag in her left hand to avoid unpleasant embarrassment. The manners expert Myka Meier reveals it. And we should do the same

Kate Middleton, the secret of the clutches not to disfigure

Nothing in Kate Middleton's looks is left to chance, much less when it comes to bags and clutches that engage the Duchess's hands. There is a very specific reason that requires you to keep them with your left hand, especially when they are equipped with handles.

To reveal the secret rule followed by Kate is the expert on good manners Myka Meier on her Instagram profile. The question is actually very simple. When Lady Middleton attends a public event, she has to meet people, shake hands, for this she must have free right. But not only that, it is often greeted by a cheering crowd who have the obligation to greet with a simple wave of the hand and, if you are not left-handed, you use the right.

Therefore, the label requires you to keep bags or other accessories, such as gloves and glasses, with the left hand to avoid moments of embarrassment and trouble with objects from which to pass from one hand to the other. Or worse still find yourself greeting your subjects with the bag to act as a hindrance.

There are cases where an exception can be made. For example, when walking alongside another person. In that case, the bag can be held with the right hand to avoid creating too much detachment with those around you. Of course, this can happen if you don't have to shake hands. Another exception is when you are with another woman, like on Christmas day 2019 when Kate and Meghan walked side by side to the church to attend Mass. Lady Middleton (see also her gorgeous coats) held the clutch with her right while Lady Markle with her left. In this way, they avoided touching the bags and creating too much gap between them.

As is known, the Duchess of Cambridge absolutely prefers clutches, because they allow her to keep her hands busy, thus avoiding the problem of not knowing where to put them. Also for this accessory, specific etiquette rules must be followed, as Meier herself emphasizes. In fact, it is strictly forbidden to carry clutches under the arm, while they must be held correctly with both hands in front of the lap.

Of course, Kate isn't alone in having to stick to the protocol. All court ladies are obligated. Rebel Diana also followed the rule of the bag held in the left hand to the letter. In this regard, the Queen uses a specific code. Depending on where he places his bag, the interlocutor knows when the interview is over and must leave the room.

Kate Middleton bag

Kate Middleton

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